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Taking Aim At Enterprise Data Governance
A unique perspective of how combining data governance with broader information governance and strategic analytics can support robust compliance, data protection, business insights and more.
Data governance may be relevant to any size organization, but challenges are even more pronounced within large enterprises, where everything from the number of stakeholders, impacted systems and technological requirements to affected employees, data volumes, budget requests and the implications of M&A activity are larger and potentially more complex.

Many of the variables that impact data governance are also in a state of perpetual change.

Simply put, data risk and value are moving targets, making the task of striking balance between legal and regulatory obligations, business optimization and day-to-day function seem out of reach for many data governance stakeholders and their teams.

Download this e-book to gain a framework for defining modern data governance, understanding key players and achieving (or refreshing) programs that meets the needs of every stakeholder.

Taking Aim at Enterprise Data Governance

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